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Praise the Lard, Detroit!

Chef Brian is coming back to cook and butcher at his old stomping grounds, the histroic Eastern Market. The Detroit Kitchen Connect is used by local businesses as an incubator, but for this day it will host an intense one-day showing of Detroit's foremost expert on charcuterie.

Chef Brian is known throughout the country for his writings on charcuterie, most notably for his James Beard nominated book "Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking, and Curing" co-authored by Michael Ruhlman. With over 35 years cooking in Metro-Detroit, 20+ years teaching charcuterie and butchery at Schoolcraft College, and over a decade of research for his three books (the third on pates coming out May, 2019), the man is a wealth of knowledge that needs to be tapped and there is no better way than this class. This one day course will challenge and educate you with demonstrations and explanations of the most essential elements of charcuterie and seam butchery.

All who are serious about Charcuterie are welcome. Whether you are just starting out or looking to take your craft to the next level, all levels of knowledge and interests are appealed to. We are serious educators looking to make sure you gain what you need.

Below are some thing covered during the course:

-Breaking down a heritage breed hog using European seam butchery techniques as compared to USDA cuts.
-Pâté, terrine, and fresh sausage making (featuring recipes from his forthcoming book)
-Working Charcuterie into your menus and how to utilize Charcuterie techniques to keep food costs low
-Proper dry curing and smoking techniques with a discussion on the use of nitrites and nitrates
-The importance of using heritage breed pigs for Charcuterie and supporting the family farms that raise them

Included with Ticket:
-Copy of one of Chef Brian's books
-Some meat from the pig to take home
-Exclusive access to our seam butchery video

We are very proud of the amount of knowledge and material covered during this two day course, we can guarantee that you will leave with more knowledge than what you came with.

Below is a testimonial we believe summarizes well Chef Brian's skill as an educator:

"I was a professor at Georgia State for over 25 years. One of the things I appreciated most about the course is Chef [Brian] is truly a teacher. In this condensed course, he understood what was most important for us to get out of it and he condensed in a way that made it possible for us to absorb it in such a short time period. And he continued to circle back to those over again and again. Not everyone who is a master of their craft can do that like he did."
~Sandee H. Livonia Class, 2018

Please contact us directly with any questions or to recieve the below discounts.

*Discounts and other payment information:*

$50 off for anyone taking the course a second or third time (book not included)

$50 off for culinary school instructors (book included)

If you would like to pay for a ticket through installments, please contact us directly

If you are outside the continental U.S. and are having trouble with payment, please contact us directly

Eastern Market Community Kitchen
Shed 5
December 16th 8:00AM
December 16th 2:00PM