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GETTEES is a Michigan-based clothing brand that was founded to bring value to both those who wear and those who buy our products as a champion of honest, quality American apparel manufacturing. By operating our own factory in Metro Detroit, Michigan, we've cut out unnecessary costs and third parties, resulting in lower production costs for us, lower prices for our customers and higher wages for our workers. We source only the highest quality materials across the U.S. - from thread and fabric to hangers and packaging - and have partnered with the few luxury-brand material suppliers left in the United States to use custom fabrics other brands won’t spend money on.

Our first class of products, The Model Tee, is a new take on the American classic t-shirt, redesigned for a better feel, fit, and constructed to last a lifetime. But American-made is only the start of our story. By simplifying our supply chain and controlling our own manufacturing, we can invest in not only our products, but the people we hire. We vow to be better than our competitors and to never outsource to cheap, foreign labor. Instead, we train and develop a 100% American workforce, providing job opportunities, fair wages and a supportive and enjoyable place to work for our employees in the Detroit area. As we grow, we plan to relocate our factory to downtown Detroit and expand our product lines of high-quality, everyday staple products. At GETTEES, we aspire to produce the highest quality products possible for affordable prices while doing right by our employees and customers. We promise to be honest about every aspect of our business so you know where your clothes come from, the faces behind them and can be proud to wear the shirt on your back.

2461 Russell Street
Detroit, MI 48207
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