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Experience, Explore and Enjoy Detroit, on tours by Foot, Car or Bus * Fun * Food * Art * Architecture * History * Music * Unique Neighborhoods*

We offer all kinds of public and private tours in the City of Detroit. Visit our website, follow us on FaceBook and Twitter, and give us a call! The "Come Hungry, Leave Happy, Learn Healthier" Strolling Brunch tours of Eastern Market are one of our signature offerings, and a fan favorite for many years!

Linda Yellin, a familiar figure to all at the Market, is the founder of the lively Feet On the Street Tours, a sightseeing company that brings added energy and continued commitment to the city of Detroit and the Metro Detroit region.

Whether you're visiting or a life-time Metro-Detroiter, we have something for you. It is an exciting, dynamic time in Detroit!

Our Mission: To make a difference, in our small way, to help promote the positive image of the city of Detroit and the region through Cultural Tourism and Social Issues. To help bridge the gap between the city and suburbs, to acquaint and re-acquaint residents and visitors to the gems of Detroit.

Feet on the Street Tours: Detroit
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