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We want to nurture current and startup businesses any way we can. These are our current grant options for Eastern Market businesses and potential businesses (or individuals). New grant programs come up from time to time, so it's worth stopping back to check.

Eastern Market Growing Communities

Citizens Bank, Walter Foundation, Miller Canfield and Momentum Bookkeeping are proud to announce a new round of the Growing Communities Initiative. To date, the Growing Communities initiative has invested $520,000 in the Eastern Market Corporation and the Detroit Community Market Network for neighborhood revitalization through small business development.

Through Growing Communities, enterprises with a connection to Eastern Market, the Detroit Community Market Network or urban growers in Detroit, Highland Park and Hamtramck can apply for business enhancements including signage, custom stands, equipment and land.

Façade Improvement Program

The Eastern Market Corporation (EMC) Façade Improvement Program was created to help business and property owners in the Eastern Market District upgrade and improve the appearance of their building exteriors.

The maximum matching grant available for any building is 50% of the cost of eligible improvements and architectural fees up to $25,000. The typical match is $10,000. Your 50/50 matching grant will be awarded when the work is approved by EMC staff and, in some cases, a city inspector.

Architectural fees are eligible for reimbursement once the project has met all approvals and is completed.

We will review and approve proposed work prior to issuing a Letter of Commitment and allocating funds to the project. This letter will outline additional terms and conditions of the grant, and serve as the legal commitment of both parties for the scope and quality of work, and the amount of the grant.

If your project is not approved, or you decide not to pursue the project once the architectural design or bidding process is completed, your expenses will not be eligible for the grant.

How Grants are Determined

We will give priority to business or property owners who can answer yes to these questions:

  • Will the grant result in improvements that would not be made otherwise?
  • Does the project comply with city regulations, neighborhood plans and design guidelines of the City of Detroit for Traditional Commercial Districts?
  • Will the proposed improvements build on other facility improvements you've already made?
  • Has your business enhanced the neighborhood?
  • Are you in a historical district or are you in an individually eligible historical building subject to local, state or federal historical standards?

Starting the Process

The following documentation must be submitted before a grant is approved:

  • A written summary and an illustration (to scale) of the proposed improvements. The design must be approved by EMC and meet applicable code requirements.
  • Proof of ownership or written permission from the building owner.
  • Draw requests—legal and other related documents supplied by the borrower to the lender for the purpose of receiving a funding advancement.

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed until all requested materials are submitted.


Requirements for Eligibility

All these conditions must be met prior to receiving grant funds. If the work does not meet these requirements, there may be a reduction in the grant amount or the grant may be withdrawn:

  • Improvements must be visible. All projects must include work on a street-facing side or the side of an existing building (storefronts, gutters and downspouts, cornices, signs, graphics, exterior lighting, canopies, awnings and masonry cleaning, etc.).
  • Improvements NOT eligible for the EMC Façade Improvement Program include roof repairs, structural foundation repairs, billboards, non-permanent fixtures (benches, outdoor portable furniture, etc.), interior window coverings, personal property and equipment and chain link fencing.
  • Landscape improvements and outdoor patios are eligible as long as they're tied to a building façade improvement.
  • Building permit costs are eligible expenses for the grant.
  • All work must comply with city, state and federal regulations and codes.
  • You will be responsible for getting any necessary regulatory approvals, including the City Planning Commission and Historic District Commission approval if it applies, a City of Detroit building permit and any other necessary permits.
  • You must be either a property owner or business lessee with written authorization of the property owner.
  • Façade Improvement funds cannot be used to correct outstanding code violations, for property damaged by collision, acts of nature or occurrences covered by insurance.
  • All contractors must be licensed by the State of Michigan. All contracts must be between the applicant and contractor.

EMC may make minor exceptions to the program guidelines, and reserves the right to prioritize applications due to funding availability. EMC has the sole authority to determine eligibility of proposed work and confirmation of completed work.

If You're Approved for a Grant

  1. Please review program requirements and guidelines.
  2. Select an architect and submit rehabilitation renderings and the project scope to EMC.
  3. Receive a Commitment Letter from EMC, which will state the amount EMC is committed to paying. (Grants range from $5,000-$25,000, but are typically $10,000 per facade.)
  4. Submit an I-9 Form.
  5. Obtain the necessary city permits for construction.
  6. Begin construction.
  7. Submit reimbursement requests after all work is complete.

Before disbursing any funds, we will review your reimbursement request to make sure it complies with the Letter of Commitment and that any necessary waivers are in place.

Contact us with any questions about applying for the Façade Improvement Program.

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