Gourmet's Finest Mushrooms

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Growing mushrooms is an art. It's a little like making a fine cheese. Care, precision and close attention is crucial as we strive to maintain the delicate balance of our mushroom beds. But it's worth all the effort when the result is what you'll find in a Gourmet’s Finest mushroom box. Beautiful, perfectly aged, hand picked, gently packed, Heirloom Taste mushrooms.

But that leaves us with a bit of a dilemma. Now that the perfect mushroom has been picked from the bed, it needs to be kept in pristine condition as it is delivered to all the cooks and chefs and foodies out there who want this perfection in their own recipes.

Protection from handling is only one aspect of delivering an impeccable mushroom. Keeping that mushroom fresh, crisp and structured requires the right amount of fresh air, moisture control and ventilation


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Gourmet's Finest Mushrooms
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