BB's Butcher's Inn


BB’s Butcher Inn is owned by the same folks who run BB's Diner on 7 Mile. It’s name is a nod to the original Butcher’s Inn, which operated in this same location until it closed a few years back. The historic brick building is a nice place to refuel after a morning of shopping, and makes for a quiet, tasty meal the rest of the week.

Although BB’s serves a wide variety of dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner – from their famous steak and shrimp to tacos and corned beef sandwiches – we come here for their breakfast items. They serve breakfast all day, so you can get your eggs and pancake fix well into the lunch hour.

BB’s does a traditional breakfast – eggs, pancakes, your choice of sausage or bacon – very well. The pancakes have just the right amount of sweetness, and their scrambled eggs are fluffy and properly cooked. You could also opt for a three-egg omelet, loaded up with meat and veggies. Maybe chicken and waffles are more your style. BB’s version has wonderfully crispy skin on the chicken.


BB's Butcher's Inn
1489 Winder St
Detroit, MI 48207
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